The Avatar’s Palace

A repository for member’s only content.  Available either to both Citizens and Ancestors or Ancestors only.

The Heir Level: Citizen
The story that started it all.

In the summer of 2011 – years before Soelanar Entertainment Inc. was conceived – this short story was submitted to an online magazine.  By the time it was completed there were more than 50 pages of background notes for only 15 pages worth of prose.

Here is the original story in its entirety.  While some of the character names, world-building concepts and descriptive imagery  may be familiar, a lot has changed between now and then.  Set thirty years in the future of the stories on this website, The Heir was too densely written for its own good.  To do it true justice it needed a broader scope.  Thus, the Ancestors Guide Me universe was born.

Now The Heir serves as a fond reminder of our beginnings – and a taste of what the future may have in store . . .

Upcoming Project – The Last Blade of the Red Sisters Level: Citizen
A work in progress, an introduction to the story that will tell how Damen Hitema’s bloodsword was created.
Dragons and Names Level: Citizen
A brief entry giving insight into the names and history certain dragons.
Vengeance: The Last Blade of the Red Sisters Level: Citizen
The story of Boetiadre Weardry and the creation of her last bloodsword.

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