Romalie Vachon’s Chapters

Chapter 1

Romalie Vachon is the daughter of Duc Nicolas Vachon, the head of the oldest and most influential lineage in the Delmiran Republic.  The Vachons are famously known for the Vachon Family Legacy, a magical spell called which has existed in the family’s bloodline for generations.  Romalie is coming to the age where the public eagerly anticipates the Legacy will take effect.  But Romalie has a secret – and if it’s revealed, it could ruin the Vachons and tear Delmire apart.

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Chapter 2

Romalie Vachon is outside the palatial Vachon manor, ‘Le Château d’Aberdeen’.  After spending some time with her soulmate, Coureur d’Étoile, Romalie and her retainer enter the manor and journey to her rooms.  She starts to enjoy one of her favourite past-times when an idea comes to her: one with the potential to help bring peace of mind, if it doesn’t endanger her whole family.

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Chapter 3

Romalie Vachon and her loyal troll retainer come up with a plan to convince her parents to arrange a secret meeting.  Romalie’s idyllic life takes a turn for the more complicated.

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