Geoff Huxton’s Chapters

Chapter 1

Geoff Huxton is a young engineering prodigy working at Momenta, a tech startup located in the Delmiran Republic.  Geoff and his co-worker discuss their work, then go for a lunch break at which point his co-worker makes a surprising suggestion regarding Geoff’s personal life.  They return to their secure computer lab and discover someone has gained access while they were gone and entered without their knowledge.

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Chapter 2

Geoff Huxton is in his private workshop but as usual, he has lost track of time.  The young engineer is reminded of his plans by his own creation, an artificial intelligence program named Fitzmore Reborn.  Geoff rushes to the meet his love interest while worrying about how to to tell her how he feels.  

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Chapter 3

Geoff Huxton concludes a magical night with Antonette Lambert.  He takes her to her home then returns to his own residence where he once again tackles the problem of the mysterious data breach.

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