Damen Hitema’s Chapters

Chapter 1

Damen Hitema is a member of the Order of Lightbringers.  He’s also a veteran soldier and a powerful druid.  His squad is briefed on its next mission: to journey to a remote farming community within the Soelanar Empire.  The Order of Lightbringers make use of technology and magic to defend the innocent – and protect their very souls.

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Chapter 2

Damen Hitema and the Order of Lightbringers arrive in the barony of Durant.  Led by Oathbinder Trevor Blythe, the Lightbringers meet with Baroness Thérèse Willowbrook.  All is going well when – to the surprise of Damen and the other Lightbringers – a flamboyant but powerful ally joins them.  Someone from his past, with the potential to turn the tide of battle against the Void.

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Chapter 3

Night has fallen as Damen Hitema and the Lightbringer squad led by Oathbinder Trevor Blythe set out in search of the invading voidspawn.   Oathbinder Blythe enacts his plan to destroy the main group of demons, but things go desperately wrong as the more cunning servants of the Void counter with a trap of their own.

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Chapter 4

Damen Hitema takes the fight to the voidspawn as the Order of Lightbringers respond to the ambush.

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Chapter 5

The Lightbringers recover from the battle.  Damen Hitema converses with Horgal Lad’ja Tanegra’ma and is left troubled.

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Chapter 6

Oathbinder Trevor Blythe shares his plans with the other members of the Order of Lightbringers.  The veteran druid, Brother Damen Hitema, is sent in search of the true source of the void demon threat.

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Chapter 7

Oathbinder Trevor Blythe meets with the Lightbringer reinforcements at the rendezvous point.  Damen Hitema explores the dragon Enclave but begins to develop doubts as he finds nothing.

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Chapter 8

Damen Hitema journeys with his companions further into the Draconic Enclave.  Oathbinder Trevor Blythe leads the Order of Lightbringers in attack aimed to turn the tables on the Void Demons.

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