Imperial Registry

A sampling of person’s of interest.  Throughout history these individuals have made a significant impact on society: for good – or ill.

Ronan’ma Elders

The Ronan’ma clan of trolls primarily reside on the the island-continent of Vyk’Tohl.  The clan is one of the oldest in history and is afforded the highest honours by all others.  The Ronan’ma have a unique role in troll society which they’ve played for generations. They serve as the first line of defense against demonic incursions, similar to the Lightbringers for human nations.

The following is a list of revered Ronan’ma Elders (followed by the name of the patron who created it).  Rules for creating troll names will be provided.

Elder’s Name Patron’s Name
Hannera Nar’ja Ronan’ma  Vanessa B

Children of Life

The following is a list of Children of Life and their bloodswords (followed by the name of the patron who created it).  Rules for creating druid and bloodsword names will be provided.

Druid’s Name; Patron’s Name
  Bloodsword’s Name
Sister Naledi of the Twin Moon Circle; Naledi
*  Whispered Song of Oxio and Cristo’s Searing Wail

Dark Necromancers

(Coming soon . . .)

Dragon Matriarch or Dragon Patriarch

The dragons of Torvus are as powerful as they are enigmatic.  Wise beyond belief and fiercely independent, the strongest dragons have taken to styling themselves as ‘Matriarchs’ or ‘Patriarchs’ in honour of an ancient poem.  Each Matriarch or Patriarch controls their own sovereign territory called an enclave: an independent fiefdom with its own potential alliances, enemies and rule of law . . . or lack thereof . . .

Dragon’s Name, title; Patron’s Name
  Enclave Namedescription
She From Whom Few Things Remain Hidden, Matriarch; Yala
*  Develare: a large cave system in an underwater cliff a short distance from shore.

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