Imperial Archive


The Imperial Archive is the research library that officially serves the office of the Avatar Emperor, as well as the elected branches of government in the Soelanar Empire.  The Archive is currently housed within the Avatar’s Palace, in the Imperial District of Astagar.  

By order of Avatar Empress Shalini Dalvoer, the Imperial Archive has undertaken an extensive modernization project.  When complete, all reference materials will be fully digitized and available online – not only to citizens of the Soelanar Empire, but to all of Torvus, free of charge.

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Imperial Registry

As part of its mandate the Imperial Archive serves as a repository of census data collected from Imperial citizens.  The data gathered is used to improve the government’s understanding of the needs of its citizens.

Safeguarding individual privacy has been the Chief Archivist’s priority for centuries.  All personally identifying information is protected by Imperial edict until one-hundred years after an individuals death.  With express permission – or in the case of person’s of interest – select biographical data may be made publicly available before that time period has passed.

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